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Newest Release

1. Burn Notice     2. Huggin' the Right    3. Big Squeezy     4. Holding the Biscuit

5. Frankie's Dance    6. Shining Mr. Slicey    7. Waitin' for Mr.Slowpoke

8. Wicked Snooze   9. Shankopotomus    10. Tuesday's Project

1. Mendez

2. Matiz

3. En la Tonalidad De d

4. Liarse los Dedos

5. Pesadillas Y Los Suenos

6. Una Nota Desde Gracia

7. Samba

8. Lento Latino

9. Polka Galope

10. La Corrida De Toros

1. The Debutante

2. Southern Cross

3. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific

4. Grand Russian Fantasie

5. Bride of the Waves

6. Sound from the Hudson

7. Stars in a Velvety Sky

8. The Carnival of Venice

9. The Melody Shop

Clearly, there just aren’t enough rock euphonium albums out there, and the latest project from David Bandman helps fill that gap. "Nobody plays the euphonium like he can, and he's always looking for ways to yank the instrument out of it's usually nerdy pigeon hole and put it firmly in the spotlight where everyone least expects it. Bandman has, once again, liberally applied a large dose of his evil genius to his turbocharged, high- octane compositions. He wears even more hats than usual on this recording, putting his guitar, electric bass and keyboard sequencing chops to work on all ten tracks. That's in addition to composing and arranging all original music; recording and editing the entire album; playing all the trombone parts and, of course, providing us with superhuman euphonium solos".


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